Make the origami network!

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Make the origami network! is community website for sharing images of origami. Any how to use is possible, to make origami-friends, just your works posting or even a beginner can participate.
It be able to just sign-up by e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. Favorites are easily found with the multiple tags. Please make your one only gallery or collection.
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Operation on PC / Smartphone

Enter a title and upload the images. Just it.

Tagging your images

Your works will be find by many users with multiple tags. When you use your independent tags, you will be able to send to the world as your gallery.

Share to your SNS

Easy work to share your images that it just press the button.
( Facebook / Twitter / Google / Tumblr / Pinterest )
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Follow-up and Origami network

It could check the latest work your following users. To follow each other will become have communication.

Your favorite collection

It would be stock up 10 items. Make your collection.

User registration

Let's share your impressions with "Like"-button or nice comments.

How to Registration

Enter from the Sign-Up which indicated clicking the icon on the upper right.
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Please enter your e-mail address and password (8 characters or more) from "SignUp", but it is also possible to signup with Facebook or Twitter account.
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It appeares the message, and following the steps.
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About the Site

On the top page, it is able to check the popular and latest works, and "Feed" shows the work of follow user, and search window find the works by the tag.
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Click the icon to indicate the menu.

Profile : Check and edit your profile.
Post : Post a work image.
Messages : You got messages.
Language : Select your language.
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Click on the upper image your ID to edit your profile. Switch the tabs.

Published : Check the posted image.
Private : Check the non published image.
Collection : List of your favorite collection.
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How to Post

Required to enter the items below for post.

Title : Title of the work.
Image : Select the image. For PC sites, it possible to drag the images. Up to 3 images, for JPEG, PNG format only.
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Optional items

Description : Description of the work or etc.
Reference : If you referred any design, book or etc, necessary fill in that references (artist name, book title, URL, etc).
Delete : Click the trash box deletes the image and description.
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It set up to 10 tags up to 15 characters for each post. Delete the tag by the x mark.
Click the "Publish" to share the post after edit the required items.
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Let's origami.

Enjoy Origami